This part facilitated for under water repairing orations. It is also the largest and most equipped private sector dock in Iran. The diminution is 150*40*12 m


Dry Dock


The equipment:

  • Two 30" Pumps with evacuation power of 4500m3/h
  • Four 10" Pumps for emergency evocation operation
  • Fire fighting
  • Door weight: 250 tons
  • Load - bearing capacity: 14000 tons

T H E  B I G G E S T  O F F S H O R E  F A B R I C A T I O N  Y A R D A N D  M A R I N E  R E P A I R  F A C I L I T I E S  I N  I R A N


Arvand Maritime City (AMC) is established with waterfront fabrication yard facilities, professional management and strong

engineering teams to execute O&G process module projects profitably, with HSE target of zero Lost Time Injury (LTI), good

quality control and on-time delivery to meet customers’ requirements for the module EPC companies.

who we are

AMC is located within the Arvand Free-zone territory between Abadan and Khoramshahr cities. The operational yard (600,000 m2)

has the advantage of more than 1000 m pier on the shores of Arvand River with navigable waters in Khuzestan as the major

O&G upstream and downstream state, accessibility to the national railroad, steps to international airport and few miles

to Abadan refinery.


AMC also has the privilege of free-tax business due to Arvand free-zone regulation. Due to vast of the activities

, two subsidiaries companies are established under AMC holding management,


Arvand Sazeh Marine and Khorram Rahan Arvand.