By establishment of one of the biggest and modern ship repaire yard in middle east cluster , our clients will enjoy a great deal of advantages and merits , choosing their favorite yard

Civil fabricating projects contains:

  • Constructing two Skid ways of dimensions : 45 X 23 meters and Quay wall of dimension 32x12 m with capacity of 12000 tons
  • Constructing of two Skid ways of dimensions : 35 X 17 meters and Quay wall of dimension 25x10 m with capacity of 15000 tons
  • Constructing mechanized Dry Dock with dimension of 150 x 40 x 12 meter and a capacity of 14000 tons as well as sealed door.
  • Constructing and erecting a light jetty with 627 m (to be increased to 824 m) length in the shores of Arvand River with the following facilities: Power station, Fire extinguisher, Fresh water, Compressed air, Waste disposal
  • Installing synchrolift system of 4500 tons lifting capacity with a length of 110 m and 27 m width and platform depth over deck of 2.650 m, having 36 hoists each having 240 tons of capacity.
  • 54 hectare of land on the shores of Arvand River.