Workshops 4

The main workshops are existed in-site for supporting marine maintenance section, modular fabrication. projects and general services to customers, these workshops are under developing program to increase capacity for bigger and heavier projects.

1-Electrical shop:to repaire and maintenance the electrical and navigation devices.

2- Mechanical shop:to repaire all kinds of engines , compressors , generators and etc.

3-Piping:to repaire , build , assemble and install pipes , pumps and valves.

4-General services:Cleaning , monitoring tanks ,storages and etc.

5-Masonary shop: to repaire some parts in accommodation.

6-Carpantary:services and maintenance of wooden parts in vessels and offices.

7-Structure:welding , construction ,renewal and all related steel structure activities.

8- CNC: cut the steel plates 8mm to 150 mm

9-Machinery: to fabricate required pieces